Shoe care day on December 9th!

Lately, we have been talking a lot about Red Wing socks to keep your feet warm and safe. But today we want to show you something that is equally important and that is conditioning your Red Wing boots.

The holidays are approaching and we want you to look great in your Red Wing Shoes while visiting friends and families. That is why we have decided to have a Red Wing Shoe Care day on Saturday December 9th! During this Shoe Care day, everybody is invited to bring their beloved boots to the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam. Our special guest Rik van Houten, a good friend and Red Wing authorized cobbler, will make them look as new again.

If you are going for a smarter look this Christmas, Rik can use a special treatment to make your boots shine brighter than ever. During the make-over of your Red Wing Shoes he can give you all the insider tips on shining your own shoes.

So if you are around, please stop by the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam with your Red Wing boots, We will be happy to take care of them, while you enjoy a cold beer or a nice coffee!