Red Wing shoes

Red Wing Shoes 

2996 Lineman Cigar Retan

The Red Wing Shoes Lineman boots were first developed in the 1940s, when electrical facilities were expanding in the United States. The construction and maintenance of power lines was such a dangerous job, that people were told that one out of three lives of linemen workers was taken while performing their jobs.During the search for equipment with a high degree of safety, the lineman found out they also needed a pair of boots that would fit tight to their feet. That meant boots with laces going all the way down to the toe cap, so-called ‘lace-to-toe’ boots. This is where the Red Wing Lineman Shoe came to life.  

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Dear first time buyers, Red Wing Shoes tend to run larger than your regular shoe size. Please take this into consideration when purchasing a pair. We would therefore recommend to take the Lineman boots style a whole size down.
Keep the boot clean with a hot, damp cloth. Condition the Cigar Retan leather once every 3 months with Red Wing Shoes All Natural Leather Conditioner.

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