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Red Wing Shoes 

2015 Huntsman Boot Black Klondike

The Red Wing Shoes 2015 Huntsman Boot in Black Klondike is a Classic Red Wing Shoes Mocassin style and is made in Red Wing, Minnesota. The Red Wing Shoes 2015 Huntsman boots dates back to 1936. The original Red Wing 2015 was known as the 668 and is one of the first hunting boots designed the Red Wing Shoe Company. The Red Wing 668 Huntsman could be considered as the forefather of the Red Wing 877, Red Wing’s most iconic shoe. The Red Wing Shoe Company released this limited edition boot to celebrate it’s 110th Anniversary this year. The Red Wing 2015 Huntsman Boot is made from a special Black Klondike leather which is a not ‘dyed through’ leather. This special Red Wing leather developed by the S.B. Foot Tannery, will become more brown after wear because scratches and marks will reveal the brown core underneath. Therefore the Red Wing Huntsman gets a great ‘vintage’ appearance after some months of wear. The Red Wing Huntsman Boot has a strong rubber Gro-Cord sole originally developed for hunters who wanted to move silently through the field. The Red Wing 2015 Huntsman Boot has gunmetal eyelets and black brown rawhide leather laces. 


• 110 Year Anniversary Boot 

• Limited Edition

• Red Wing Shoe Store Exclusive

• Black Klondike leather
• Gro-cord Sole
• Width D (Medium)

• Product Care: All Natural Leather Conditioner, Leather Cleaner

Dear first time buyers, Red Wing Shoes tend to run larger than your regular shoe size. Please take this into consideration when purchasing a pair. We would therefore recommend to take the Classic Moc style a whole size down.
Keep the boot clean with a hot, damp cloth. Condition (and polish) the Klondike leather once every 2 months with Red Wing Shoes All Natural Leather Conditioner.

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