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Get those Red Wing Shoes 3104 Postman in Olive Mohave while it is hot!

DATE: August 1, 2016 by Red Wing Amsterdam Tags: Rough-Out Leather, Rough-Out, Postman, Olive Mohave, Style, 3104, A.P.C, Summer, SB Foot Tanning Company

The staff of the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam are huge fans of the S.B. Foot Tanning Company Roughout Leathers. We just had a huge restock of our favorite Red Wing Shoe for those hot summer days; the 3104... Read more +

Spring vibes with the Red Wing Shoes 3106 Postman in Concrete Rough & Tough!

DATE: April 24, 2015 by Mitch de Vries Tags: Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam, Postman, Red Wing Shoes, New Arrivals

Because the sun is out again we can start wearing low shaped Red Wing Shoes again! Red Wing Heritage introduces the Postman 3106 in Concrete Rough & Tough this Spring Summer 2015. 


The Postman... Read more +

Proud to present our @redwingamsterdam #redwingstyle campaign

DATE: March 26, 2014 by Mitch de Vries Tags: redwingstyle, Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam, campaign, postman, social media

We would like to ask you to share your personal Red Wing style with us. In fact we are very interested in the way your favourite Red Wing style completes your personal outfit. Please show and share your outfits using #redwingstyle and tagging us using @redwingamsterdam by using your... Read more +

Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam Cycling Postman Window

DATE: March 22, 2014 by Mitch de Vries Tags: Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam, Red Wing, Postman, Bikes, Window

We are quite sure that it has not gone unnoticed that in our recent blogposts the emphasis was on either the Red Wing Postman shoe or bicycles, sometimes even both. For the past couple of weeks you were not only able to spot this emphasis just in our blogposts, but in our shop window as well. Read more +

Red Wing Shoes x Beams Collaboration

DATE: March 17, 2014 by Mitch de Vries Tags: Japan, Japan Only, Red Wing Japan, , Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam, Red Wing Shoes, Rough-Out, Postman
We imagine Japan to be a destination that is on quite a lot of peoples bucket lists. We could name a thousand reasons why that is, but to keep it brief we will just say: 'because there is just a lot of cool stuff happening there!' And cool things are happening indeed. Red Wing Shoes and the culture shop label Beams have joined forces to produce a very special Postman... Read more +

Red Wing Postman Shoes Bag Give-away!

DATE: March 3, 2014 by Mitch de Vries Tags: Postman, Red Wing Shoes, Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam, , Promotion
It is proper Postmania! The rebirth of the Red Wing Shoes 1954 Postman is getting better every day. A give-away competition has arisen. The three first online buyers of the Postman shoe after this notification will not only be equipped with an outstanding pair of shoes, but will get a beautiful... Read more +

Red Wing Truss Bridge Bicycle

DATE: February 21, 2014 by Mitch de Vries Tags: Bikes, History, Red Wing, Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam, Bicycle, Postman

Yet again a great find in the extraordinary history of the Red Wing name. In 1917 the New England Cycle Company released their very own Red Wing bike. Presented as "A Real Men's Bike!". Looking at the photographs of this nearly antique bicycle, one can not help but wonder: "Would there... Read more +

Red Wing Shoes Presents the Postman Oxford for Summer 2014

DATE: February 17, 2014 by Mitch de Vries Tags: Postman, Red Wing Heritage, Red Wing Shoes, Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam, Summer, , New Arrivals

We do not know how many miles the average postman walks in a year or so. What we do know is that I can not think of many professions that might pass more miles. Logically then, a Postman should require not just a decent pair of shoes, but a pair of shoes with extraordinary quality... Read more +

200 Series in Black Mesa

DATE: August 24, 2012 by Mitch de Vries Tags: shoes, Social Media, Red Wing Shoes, Postman, Oxblood, Amsterdam, American heritage, Black Mesa, 200 series,

Following the success of the Oxblood color, we would like to introduce the 200 series in black Mesa leather. These shoes were inspired by the 101, the mailman's shoe, back in the 1950's. The 200 series was introduced in factories... Read more +


DATE: June 5, 2012 by Studio Tags: 877, Postman, Red Wing Shoes

Red Wing Shoes is, by its heritage, always very linked to workwear and craftsmanship. But we are always happy to see they fit everybody, from workman to the fashion minded, from the street to the catwalk, Red Wing Shoes is everywhere. A while ago we posted the lovely picture from Menswear Style who captured some nice boots under the suit, but Patricia... Read more +

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