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Never throw out a pair of Red Wing Shoes

DATE: November 11, 2016 by Mitch de Vries Tags: Red Wing Shoes, Red Wing Shoes Repair Centre, Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam, , Resole, Conditioning

Red Wing Heritage boots are a 100% USA handmade product made in our own factory in Red Wing, Minnesota. We are proud of the fact that our boots can last a lifetime. If you treat your boots the right way and use our care products, your boots will fit, feel, and look better and better. If your boots need resoling or repairing, you can can and we will take care of your beloved Red Wing Shoes.

Here is a great video of the repair center in our... Read more +

Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam Shoe Care Sessions; the 8890 Classic Moc Toe in Charcoal Rough & Tough

DATE: October 24, 2015 by Robin van Bezouw Tags: Shoe Care, Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam, Robin van Bezouw, Red Wing, Classic Moc, Conditioning

Here at the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam, we are conditioning Red Wing Shoes on a daily basis. Sometimes, one of these Shoe Care sessions make a pair of Red Wing Shoes go through a whole transformation. Today we want to share this pair with you: Red... Read more +

This Saturday: Shoe Condition Day!

DATE: November 27, 2012 by Red Wing Amsterdam Tags: Shoe Care, Conditioning, Maintenance, Mink Oil, Leather Conditioner, Shoe Cream,

We would like to all invite you to the following: This saturday December the 1st, we will have a special in-store event organised by Red Wing Heritage. During the "Shoe Condition Day", Red Wing Heritage representative Matthijs will be present in the store alongside Mitch and Riekele from the Amsterdam store, and the three will be available to give your worn-in Red Wing Shoes a complete makeover. If you have a pair of Red Wing Shoes... Read more +

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