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The craze for Red Wing Shoes in Japan

DATE: January 19, 2015 by Red Wing Amsterdam Tags: Red Wing Shoes, Advertising, Japan, Magazines

If you haven't heard about the craze with Red Wing Shoes in Japan before, we have some nice material to present you guys. From our friends at the Red Wing Shoes headquarters in Tokyo we received a collection of November's style magazines with Red Wing boots featured in them. From inspiration on how to combine your Red Wings, short pieces on Red Wing owners, an overview of Red Wing styles... Read more +

The worth of conditioning old leather Red Wing Shoes

DATE: January 10, 2015 by Red Wing Amsterdam Tags: Moc Toe's, Shoe care, , Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam, Red Wing

We've always admired the good things in life, things that matter because you handle them consciously and with care. This goes for all, from tasty food to your beloved Red Wing boots. So we came across the likeminded Rohan Anderson, writer of the book (and blog) on organic, sustainable food "Whole, Larder, Love". On his blog he featured his old worn pair of Red... Read more +

Just in time for the holidays; the Red Wing Heritage 3150 Work Chukka in Charcoal Rough & Tough!

DATE: December 4, 2014 by Mitch de Vries Tags: Charcoal, Work Chukka, Red Wing Shoes, New Arrivals, Holidays

Good people, it brings us great joy to officially release a new member of the Red Wing Work Chukka family. The Red Wing Shoes 3150 is presented in a premium Charcoal Rough... Read more +

The pictures you have not seen made by John Turner for the first issue of the Red Wing Post!

DATE: December 1, 2014 by Mitch de Vries Tags: Photographer, Red Wing Post, Red Wing, John Turner

You probably remember it as if it was yesterday, the release of the very first Red Wing Post. A bundle of interesting stories about craftsmanship in various natures, with exciting anecdotes. When taking a glance at the cover you see the man in blue holding a mighty axe. John Turner, a brilliant director, photographer and illustrator, photographed this impressive logger.

Indeed... Read more +

The Walls of Red Wing Shoes

DATE: November 16, 2014 by Mitch de Vries Tags: Bob Dylan, Red Wing, Folksinger, Mid-West

Yes the walls of Red Wing, some of you might be familiar with this title. It is the title of a song, sung and written by an infamous mid-westerner. Indeed I speak of Bob Dylan himself.

When singing about Red Wing and its walls, he sings of the town. Our beloved Red Wing where the shoes are made that are so dear to us. Dylan on the other hand sings of a juvenile detention center, where children... Read more +

Some Swedish Red Wing Shoes

DATE: November 11, 2014 by Mitch de Vries Tags: Iron Rangers, Chukkas, Sweden, Worn Down, Patina

Just two years ago our friend Nils from Malmö, Sweden bought his first pair of Red Wing Shoes. A pair of 3140 Chukkas in Oro-Iginal leather he chose for a first pair. Joyous with the discovery of the great shoes that Red Wing Shoes are he could not help himself to buy a second... Read more +

Red Wing Amsterdam becomes Qlever!

DATE: November 4, 2014 by Mitch de Vries Tags: Qlever, Red Wing Shoes, Tenue de Nimes

Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam teamed up with Qlever, a Dutch internet start-up specialising in customer relationship technology. Together with Qlever we are proud to be part of 'Web Summit’, the best technology conference of Europe. During the event in in Dublin (Ireland) from the 4th till the 6th of November Qlever will present Tenue de Nîmes and Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam as... Read more +

Now available at the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam: the Red Wing Shoes 8180 Kangatan Green!

DATE: October 15, 2014 by Mitch de Vries Tags: Kangatan Boot, Ted Williams, Moc-toe, Red Wing Shoes, 8180

A new style reappears once again in the Red Wing Heritage catalogue. It is only a modest 51 years ago that Red Wing Shoes released its 888 SuperSetter boot exclusively to Sears. This SuperSetter carried this honorable name because of its arrange of incredible characteristics. Red Wing Shoes used Australian Kangaroo hide leather,... Read more +

The Red Wing Way

DATE: October 11, 2014 by Mitch de Vries Tags: 875, 8111, Red Wing Heritage, Red Wing Shoes

The guys from Cool Hunting got an invitation from Red Wing Heritage to have a look at Red Wing Shoes factories in Minnesota. They got to shoot some brilliant footage there to share with the rest of the world.

In the film the qualities of our beloved boots are summed up nicely. The use of thick steer leather, the unique triple stitch and a century of wisdom and utter devotion... Read more +

The first Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam pictures of the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride!

DATE: October 2, 2014 by Mitch de Vries Tags: Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam, Motorcycle, Motorcycles, Craftsmanship, Social Media

Last Sunday you may saw some beautiful motorcycles at the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam. These killer bikes were gathered at our store because of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, an international charity event to raise money for research in prostate cancer. Our tour was the proud part of 180 different initiatives in various... Read more +

Please welcome; Julia, the Red Wing Women enthusiast

DATE: September 30, 2014 by Mitch de Vries Tags: 875, 8111, Red Wing Shoes, Moc Toe's, Iron Ranger

The Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam never made a secret about how we love to see girls on Red Wing Shoes. Of course we are very much aware of the fact that Red Wing Shoes are not so widely worn by girls as they are by men. Therefore it is all the more fun and special when we do come... Read more +

Meet your new dandy friends: the Red Wing Shoes Beckman Wingtip!

DATE: September 27, 2014 by Mitch de Vries Tags: Wingtip, Beckman, , Gentlemen, Red Wing Shoes, Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam

From a true laborers Red Wing Shoes Harvester boot we now jump to a dandy Red Wing Shoes Wingtip boot


Read more +

Up for Auction: Easy Rider 'Captain America' Harley Davidson

DATE: September 24, 2014 by Red Wing Amsterdam Tags: Chukka, Harley Davidson, Hollywood, Motorcycles, Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam

Wonderful news for all motorcycle- and film-fanatics out there. If you've got some money to spare you can now combine your favourite pair of Red Wing Shoes with the original 'Captain America' motorbike. The motorcycle that was driven by Peter Fonda in all-time classic Easy Rider, is now to be auctioned by auction house Profiles in History. It... Read more +

Lee his Red Wing Shoes and artwork

DATE: September 18, 2014 by Mitch de Vries Tags: 8138, Moc Toe, Instagram, Social Media, Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam

The cool things you can find online seems to be infinite these day. Just like yourselves we tend to go browsing with our Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam Instagram account and just keep on finding cool people which are doing cool stuff.

Not long ago we happened to look upon a very cool picture from Lee Timms, the Creative Director of British clothing brand P&Co clothing. Lee photographed his personal... Read more +

A warm welcome to the Red Wing Harvester

DATE: September 15, 2014 by Mitch de Vries Tags: Red Wing Shoes, Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam, Workwear, New Arrivals, Harvester

This years Red Wing Heritage collection is continuingly growing in width, quality and beauty. This week we delightfully start with a model which has been in the collection a long while ago.

The model we will introduce is the Red Wing Shoes Harvester boot. The Harvester boot played it's proud part in the revival of the United States... Read more +

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