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Red Wing Women's collection in Journal de Nîmes

DATE: March 7, 2017 by Mitch de Vries Tags: Tenue de Nimes, Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam, Women, Women's collection, Magazine

The good people at Tenue de Nîmes released their 13th printed Journal de Nîmes which is a tribute to Japan’s love for American cool. We are proud to say Red Wing is one of the selected brands that this Journal captures.   

On top of that the magazine offers an extensive interview with W. David Marx, the author of the book called ‘Ametora’ (a similar contraction of “American Traditional”) in which he traces the history and the influence of ‘American Cool’ in Japan. To further unravel the concept of ‘Amekaji’ Tenue de Nîmes looked for concepts and stories that somehow embrace the concept of the American 'original'. In May last year the TdN crew travelled to Japan to build the foundations for Tenue de Nîmes ‘Made in Japan’ line and met with Kapital’s founder Toshikiyo Hirata outside his Kojima HQ. 

But most importantly the magazine captures a special feature on the Red Wing women’s collection! We are happy to let you know we got our hands on a limited amount of copies of the journal that we will include in every purchase in the store. Run fast people! 

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