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Meeting people digitally through our Red Wing Amsterdam online store

DATE: August 8, 2016 by Mitch de Vries Tags: Red Wing Shoe Store, Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam, Red Wing Shoes, Online Store, Customer

In our Red Wing Shoe Store at the Reestraat in Amsterdam, we get into interesting conversations with our customers everyday. Another opportunity for us to share stories with Red Wing lovers is digitally, through our online store.


For instance.. a little while back we got in touch with Franck Merle, a jewelry maker from Valence, France. Franck works for the jewelry company 'Bootleggers Wild Turquoise' – an LA brand mainly focused on handmade stone and silver bracelets. 


Mr. Merle needed a pair of Red Wing Shoes to cruise the beautiful tracks alongside the Rhone river and decided to purchase a pair of Blacksmith boots. Not much later, Franck sent us a picture of him on his custom build 1950 Harley Davidson Panhead wearing his fresh pair of Red Wing boots. Franck, you are looking bad-ass and we love your custom build Panhead!


So, who says the digital era is overrated? It was a pleasure meeting you Mr. Merle, even if it was only digitally. We love to see our customers discovering the world on their Red Wing shoes. That is why we hope to receive more and more of your stories and pictures. Send your story to and let’s meet through our computers. 


It would, of course, be nice to meet you offline in real life as well. 

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