Red Wing shoes

Rust and Mud

DATE: September 18, 2011 by Studio Tags: Cars,

What happens when it’s raining all summer long in Europe?  Right, we just continue what we’re doing. The Rust ’n Dust Jalopy last july in Germany became something like rust ’n mud, and more... Read more +

The Wall of Death

DATE: September 12, 2011 by Studio Tags: Bikes, Movie

Photographer and film maker Benedict Campbell, known for his beautiful Cafe Cowboy movie, shared this little preview of a new film he’s... Read more +


DATE: September 11, 2011 by Studio Tags: Pendleton, Travel, History

We hope you all enjoy the last rays of the after summer sun in the park, on your bike or just on your little patio or balcony, with the lovely Pendleton Motor Robe Plaid. Enjoy the ‘life on Sundays’!

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Aaron Young

DATE: September 8, 2011 by Studio Tags: Photography, Oxford

Todd Selby shot Aaron Young at his home in New York City for Vogue Hommes International, with this beautiful aged pair of Red Wing Oxfords. We love it!

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The Oxblood Series

DATE: September 7, 2011 by Studio Tags: Red Wing Shoes, Oxblood

To survive the autumn breeze, cloudbursts, winter ice storms and snow blizzards Red Wing Shoes introduced the Oxblood Series. Rock solid boots in a gorgeous oiled leather and three different heights. The 212, 213... Read more +

We are online

DATE: September 6, 2011 by Studio Tags: Amsterdam, Red Wing Shoes,

Welcome at the online home of Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam. Here you can order from a selection of our finest stock in various sizes and colors, get into the history of Red Wing Shoes, learn how to treat... Read more +


DATE: September 3, 2011 by Studio Tags: Photography, History,

While browsing the internet I found this beautiful series of pictures shot by Bill Ray, staff photographer for Life magazine, entitled “Gold Mine”. Ray lived in New York, Beverly Hills, and Paris and traveled the world covering major events, wars, and great personalities. More images in the Life Archive and Read more +

Michael Schmidt

DATE: August 29, 2011 by Studio Tags: Photography, Travel, Bikes
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Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam 1 Year Anniversary

DATE: August 2, 2011 by Studio Tags: Red Wing Shoes, Amsterdam

Today we celebrate the one year anniversary of our Amsterdam based Red Wing store. The shop in the nine streets pays tribute to the rich history of the brand, which was launched in 1905 by Charles Beckman, having spotted a growing demand for sturdy work boots.

For those of you have never stepped foot in the store, the shoes are displayed on top of steel and antique... Read more +

The Shipwrights

DATE: August 1, 2011 by Studio Tags: Workwear, Photography
Our dear friend Joachim Baan published a very special set of photos today. Lee Jeans donated a few pairs of raw denims to the employees of a shipwright where they build Botters, a typical Dutch fishing boat. Joachim went to the shipyard and... Read more +

Project Smallholder - Take 1

DATE: August 1, 2011 by Studio Tags: Project Smallholder,

My good friend and former classmate Ravi started a business a few years ago. He grows organic vegetables on his own allotment of about an acre in the centre of the Netherlands, selling the harvest on the market in Utrecht. He would forever complain about the quality of today's work boots so we decided to support him with a proper pair of Red Wing Shoes. Yesterday... Read more +

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