Red Wing shoes

Red Wing Shoe Care

DATE: July 2, 2012 by Studio Tags: shoe care, Red Wing Shoes

Today we released a video about the proper maintenance of your Red Wing shoes. Adequate cleaning and conditioning of your leather boots is recommended to preserve their finish and extend their life span. With the right amount of attention paid to the care of your footwear, the embedded spirit of craftsmanship is kept alive.

Red Wing Shoes has been making shoes since 1905 and the brand is celebrated around the globe... Read more +

Vintage Red Wing 875 Irish Setter Shoes

DATE: July 1, 2012 by Mitch de Vries Tags: 875, Amsterdam, Workwear, Vintage, Oro-iginal, Red Wing Shoes

One of the most iconic shoes from the Red Wing Shoe Company is the 875 Irish Setter. These boots became known as the Irish Setter because of the leather they used:  An orange-colored leather called oro-iginal. The color somehow reminded the designers of the Irish Setter's fur. The Irish Setter is a classic boot known for its... Read more +

Tumblr Tuesday VI

DATE: June 18, 2012 by Studio Tags: Tumblr Tuesday, Red Wing Shoes, Photography

It's Tuesday again, time to share a selection of the finest Red Wing images with you as published on our Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam Tumblr site. With some lovely portraits of fine boys and girls in Red Wing Shoes in today's Tumblr Tuesday. Enjoy more on our tumblr page, and make sure... Read more +

100th Anniversary 877 Classic Mocs

DATE: June 13, 2012 by Studio Tags: 877, Vintage, Classic Moc

The Red Wing Shoe Company was founded in 1905 by Charles Beckman along with fourteen other investors. Since then they have been producing one of the worlds top notch shoes, gaining more and more popularity over the years. People all over the world love Red Wing shoes because of the quality of the shoes, how beautiful they get in time and how comfortable they get when worn in.
The Red Wing shoe featured today is the Red... Read more +

Tumblr Tuesday V - The Round Toe

DATE: June 12, 2012 by Studio Tags: 2941, Red Wing Shoes, Tumblr Tuesday

Each Tuesday we will share a selection of the finest Red Wing images with you as published on our Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam Tumblr site. Today's Tumblr Tuesday is completely focused on the Round Toe. A nice selection of both well worn and new Red Wing Shoes 2941 7" Classic Round boots in Dark Chocolate and Oro... Read more +


DATE: June 5, 2012 by Studio Tags: 877, Postman, Red Wing Shoes

Red Wing Shoes is, by its heritage, always very linked to workwear and craftsmanship. But we are always happy to see they fit everybody, from workman to the fashion minded, from the street to the catwalk, Red Wing Shoes is everywhere. A while ago we posted the lovely picture from Menswear Style who captured some nice boots under the suit, but Patricia... Read more +

Tenue de Nimes loves Red Wing Shoes

DATE: June 1, 2012 by Studio Tags: 9157, 9158, 9167, 9168, 9143, 9142, Handsewn, Tenue de Nimes

Amsterdam's finest denim store Tenue de Nîmes released a video today which is an ode to the Red Wing Shoes Hand-sewn collection. The video shows a curated selection of Tenue de Nîmes looks that compliment the hand-crafted Red Wing Spring Summer 2012 collection. 
Maine, once America’s footwear capital, has a rich shoemaking history... Read more +

Tumblr Tuesday IV

DATE: May 29, 2012 by Studio Tags: Tumblr Tuesday, Classic Moc

A little belated Tumblr Tuesday — but here it is. Each Tuesday we will share a selection of the finest Red Wing images with you as published on our Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam Tumblr site. Today a fine selection of Classic Moc'sEnjoy more on our tumblr page, and make sure to tag your Red Wing Shoes pictures... Read more +

Tanner Goods by Simple Threads

DATE: May 23, 2012 by Studio Tags: Tanner Goods, Photography, American heritage

Blogger, photographer and long time Red Wing enthusiast Ryan Berger, the guy behind Simple Threads, shot some great photos of his natural vegetable tanned leather Tanner Goods Workman Wallet. Ryan used his Workman... Read more +

Tumblr Tuesday III

DATE: May 15, 2012 by Studio Tags: Tumblr Tuesday, Red Wing Shoes, Vintage

Each Tuesday we will share a selection of the finest Red Wing images with you as published on our Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam Tumblr siteToday some famous black and white boots with Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Eric Clapton, Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Steven McQueen and more with Eliot and... Read more +

the Red Wing 100th anniversary shoe

DATE: May 14, 2012 by Studio Tags: 9011, 9013, 9014, Beckman, Vintage, Red Wing Shoes

We start the week with a vintage pair of Red Wing Shoes. A special pair, released for the 100th anniversary of Red Wing back in 2005. They look a lot like the Gentlemen Traveller Beckman series (9011, 9013... Read more +

Get Mom on Boots

DATE: May 11, 2012 by Studio Tags: Classic Moc, Engineer, 2971, Red Wing Shoes

Yes, it's time to give your mom a proper pair of boots. To play it safe, you can add some flowers, but a pair of Engineers or classic Moc's will definitely fit her. Enjoy the weekend!

Read more +

Red Wing Shoes 8180

DATE: May 7, 2012 by Studio Tags: Vintage, Red Wing Shoes, Classic Moc

We've got some amazing pictures of the rare Red Wing Shoes 8180 6'' Moc Toe Green Katanga Leather from Fred Bschaden from Redwing1905.
This shoe was produced for a very limited time which explains why it is really hard to find in Europe and Japan. If you ever find these, make sure they will be yours!
In the picture you can see that this pair... Read more +

Eliot and Eads - The Flyover States

DATE: May 3, 2012 by Studio Tags: Red Wing Shoes, Iron Ranger

Last week we received this lovely short video from Alex Frankel of The American Classic, featuring Eliot & Eads, a musical act based in St. Louis, MO, recording their new album The Flyover States. The video features Dave Lapinsky on a dobro and and a pair of Red Wing Iron Ranger... Read more +

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