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Dirty Ol' Engineers

DATE: March 5, 2013 by Red Wing Amsterdam Tags: Engineer, Abilene, 8268

Remember we shared a post on the bizarre aged Japanese 8268's a while ago? Just some time after we had a Dutch guy walking into the store with a pair of Engineers on his feet, we didn't even recognize at first. Only after good inspection we concluded they must be the 8268 Abilene Roughout. Amazing. When I... Read more +

The Giant's Red Wing Irish Setters

DATE: March 1, 2013 by Red Wing Amsterdam Tags: Irish Setter, Oro-Russet,

A while ago Menno from Tenue de Nîmes walked in and showed us a pair of vintage Red Wing boots that made us go totally nuts. It was a pair of Irish Setter boots in the ridiculous large size of US15, can you imagine? It's not just the size that is exciting, every pair of vintage Irish Setter boot is unique, and therefore we love to collect these. They all have their own character and now and then Red Wing applied these little changes to details,... Read more +

The Spring and Summer styles have arrived!

DATE: February 26, 2013 by Red Wing Amsterdam Tags: Hand Sewn, Work Oxford, Work Chukka,

Great news folks! We got the all new Red Wing styles in for the coming Spring and Summer.

We're proud to introduce you to the new Red Wing style named the Work Oxford. With a plain round toe, the design was inspired on the classic style Oxford shoe that Red Wing manufactured in the 1950s. Back then it was the first ever Oxord... Read more +

Modern Portraits of Ancient Crafts

DATE: February 21, 2013 by Red Wing Amsterdam Tags: Craftsmanship, Photography, Publication,

At the end of last year this amazing book was brought to the printing press, and released to the public soon after. The book, entitled "Ritratti Moderni di Antichi Mestieri", was published following the concept and photographs by Italian photographer Alessandro Venier. He captured all sorts of craftsmen that still carry out a traditional craft in their... Read more +

Joshua Fountain

DATE: February 19, 2013 by Red Wing Amsterdam Tags: Vintage, Photography, Cowboys, Workwear,

There's thousands of Tumblr pages around these days, which makes it hard finding a good selection to follow. What we do like mostly are the simple style Tumblrs that just specialize in a certain type of images of photographs. A fantastic example is the Tumblr blog from Joshua Fountain, which goes by the same name, and shares old sepia and black-and-white portait photographs. Joshua Fountain features a great selection of gentlemen, newly... Read more +

Waiting Out the Winter

DATE: February 15, 2013 by Mitch de Vries Tags: Craftsmanship, Motorcycles, Winter, 875,

Since the cold and snow is hitting Amsterdam again today, we wanted to share this great video with you. It's a hommage to craftspeople who spend their winters inside to work around in their workshops. During the cold times these fanatics lock themselves in to fully focus on their motorcycles, so they'll be able to ride them again when the weather is turning. The guy tinkering with his beloved Honda motorcycle in the video is wearing a pair... Read more +

Free Spare Pair of Laces

DATE: February 8, 2013 by Mitch de Vries Tags: Promotion, Shoelaces, Laces,

As from of today we have a new promotion in the online webstore of Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam. Since you might have to find yourself one day with the issue of having worn out or ripped your shoelaces, we now ship an extra spare pair of shoelaces with every pair of Red Wing Shoes ordered! Depending on the original laces that come with the style of Red Wing Shoes ordered, we will include either the Gold/Tan... Read more +

Red Wing Shoes 8111 Iron Rangers at Pitti Uomo

DATE: February 5, 2013 by Mitch de Vries Tags: Iron Rangers, 8111, Amber Harness, Pitti, Sartorialist, Midori,

Here is our good friend Brigitta in action lacing her fresh pair of 8111 Iron Rangers in the Amber Harness that she bought recently with us in the Reestraat. We were astonished when we came across this photograph, where she combined the Iron Rangers with an exquisite style. The photo was taken... Read more +

Cutting, Sewing and Steaming: The Stetson Hat

DATE: February 3, 2013 by Mitch de Vries Tags: Hats, Herringbone, Tweed, Stetson, Hatteras, Handmade,

When talking classic hats, there's only a few brands that are still around and survived the last decades when hats were vastly dissapearing. One of these brands is Stetson, of which we now carry several hat styles in store. It's a company with a beautiful heritage and history, one of which could be compared to the Red Wing Shoes in its own lane. The American company continues to produce the same timeless... Read more +

Conquering the Italian Mountains

DATE: January 30, 2013 by Red Wing Amsterdam Tags: Roberto Rossi, Moc Toe, Green Katanga, 8180, Harley Davidson, Italy,

The Italian based Harley Davidson fanatic and enthusiast Roberto Rossi turned his passion into a profession and re-styles modern Harley Davidson bikes. He's based in the mountainous area of Montova, Italy, a beautiful region to take your bike around for a peaceful ride and enjoy the breath of clean air. For the promotion of the Harley Davidson Stellapina, Giorgio Oppici made a video of such a ride... Read more +

Vintage D. Lewis Leather Aviation Suit

DATE: January 23, 2013 by Red Wing Amsterdam Tags: Leather, Lewis Leathers, D. Lewis, Aviation, Flying, Overall, Suit, WWII,

Now up on United Kingdom's eBay is an auction that sets all records on what we've seen on vintage leather pieces so far. It's a one piece leather flying suit made by D. Lewis Ltd. – the leather clothing company now known under the name of Lewis Leathers

The suit is made from a thick quality leather, what is very likely to be horsehide leather, and is lined on the interior with wool. As you can tell, it has... Read more +

Goodyear Welted Resoles

DATE: January 16, 2013 by Mitch de Vries Tags: Goodyear Welt, Sole, Resole, Traction Tred, Roccia, Nitrile Cork,

As you might know all Red Wing Shoes are crafted with a so called Goodyear Welt. This is a traditional technique to attach the sole to a shoe, by which an undersole is stitched to the upper of the shoe through an extra midsole. Its greatest benefit is that it keeps your feet dry and on top of it they are easy to resole once worn off.

Red Wing uses several soles for their Heritage Collection: there is the White Traction Tred... Read more +

Japanese Red Wing 8268's from 1992

DATE: January 9, 2013 by Red Wing Amsterdam Tags: 8268, Engineer, Rough-Out, Abilene, Wear-Out, Japan Only, Instagram, Denim,

The 8268 Engineer Abilene Rough-Out is in store for a while now and both Menno from Tenue de Nîmes and Mitch are going strong with their own pair. Mitch shared his recently on Instagram, with the results of what happens when your raw denims bleed their indigo on them.

Since the... Read more +

The Sign Painter

DATE: January 5, 2013 by Red Wing Amsterdam Tags: Handicraft, Craftsmanship, Painter, Signs, Hand Lettering, Vintage,

Traditional handicraft is a skill that is vast dissapearing as a result of all the technological innovation, especially in the field of graphical design where its digital counterpart is taking over. It's fantastic that there are still passionate people around with love for the practices applied by hand. Derek McDonald is a traditional craftsman who makes signs in the old-fashioned American fashion by using a mere paintbrush. From his studio in West Berkely, named Golden... Read more +

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