Red Wing Shoe Store Exclusive release: the 3148 Work Chukka in Black Chrome!

The holidays are coming up! That’s why we are launching the last Red Wing Shoe Store Exclusive of the year. It’s a pair of Red Wing Shoeseverybody would love to find underneath their Christmas tree. We are talking about the 3148 Work Chukka in Black Chrome. The Work Chukka is a familiar style to us all, but the combination with the Black Chrome leather is something a lot of customers have been asking for over the past few years. The Black Chrome leather is around 2,4 mm, which means it is the thickest leather we have ever used for Red Wing Heritage boots. Perfect for the snowy winter months, we would say!

The limited edition Red Wing Shoes 3148 Work Chukka in Black Chrome leather is now available in our Amsterdam shop and in our online store.