Celebrating the launch of the Red Wing Women's collection in the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam

A little while back we celebrated the launch of a new Red Wing Women’s collection – a very special one we might add, since it’s the first one since the ‘50. All the more reason for an abundant celebration in the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam.

As our customers are mostly of the male kind, we wanted to get in touch with our new, female customers. So we handled our event a little differently. Flowers were spread through the store, Martini & Tonic cocktails were served and danceable rock’n’roll music was bursting through our speakers. And of course the new Red Wing Women’s collection could be tried and tested.

A lot of new and familiar faces were seen in the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam. But for those of you who missed this amazing evening, don’t worry. We have a lot of pictures and a short film to show you just how festive it was. Want to join all the women that already got their hands on a pair of Red Wings? The full collection is now available in the Amsterdam shop and in our online store.